McKenna brings over 15 years of equine experience to McKinney HorsePlex.  From a young age, McKenna was drawn to horses. She began riding at the age of 6 and hasn’t stopped since! As her equestrian abilities grew, she began to work with horses on a training level. McKenna soon joined a local drill team and competed all around the state of Texas. She did not make the mistake of restricting herself from other disciplines although, western riding will always be her top choice. McKenna studied various riding styles including  English hunter, jumping, and dressage. She enjoys the complexity of working with green horses and off the track thoroughbreds. McKenna believes in the therapeutic power of horses and that a person can gain deeper insight about themselves by working with these great animals. 

McKenna plans to continue expanding her abilities and currently is studying the art of natural horsemanship. When she is not working, Mckenna is attending EMT school and preparing for her new horse 
“Monster” to arrive!    


15 years of significant equine experience
Drill Team competitor

Lesson Instructor, Wood Haven Stables, Lucas, TX
Sapphire Stables, Frisco, TX
Volunteer, Becky's Hope Rescue, Frisco, TX

Stable Management Team