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McKinney HorsePlex is an established equine boarding facility and does not directly offer horses for lease.  We do provide advertising for horses offered by our consignment specialists, boarders and/or trainers. Sales, consignment or lease agreements and terms are between the purchaser or leaser and legal owner of the animal.


If a horse is listed for lease on this website, please follow directions under each posting for inquiry instructions. McKinney HorsePlex is providing an advertising outlet for our consignment specialists, boarders and/or trainers. All lease inquiries should be directed to the correct contact person listed in the description. 

For Lease

All horses listed are located on our property in McKinney, TX. McKinney HorsePlex has a zero tolerance policy for unethical sales and/or advertising however, the facility has no legal liability over lease agreements, statements or terms. We only allow advertising for postings which to the best of our knowledge, are believed to be accurate and honest descriptions.

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