Offered by on site specialists

Take the hassle out of selling your horse!

Would you like knowledge equine experts properly evaluating, marketing, and meeting with prospective buyers for your horse?

Are you lacking the desirable facilities to properly market and/or prep your sales horse in any weather condition?

Consignment Options

No long term commitments and no high fees

Option 1.

Ready to Sell

If you have a horse that is ready to sell, let a specialist take the hassle and emotion out of selling your horse.  

Option 2.

Touch Up Sales

If your horse could use some tuning up or general upkeep during the sales process, let a specialist and trainer keep your horse in prime condition. 

Option 3.

Training & Sales

If you your horse requires additional training, let a specialist and trainer get your horse to a optimism value before entering the market. 

Evaluation & Value

The specialist will help to evaluate your horse and determine/appraise it's market value. 

Marketing & Promotion

Professional marketing and promotion through trending equine sales channels is included. 

Facilities & Meetings

The facilities allow for sales presentations in any weather condition. All showings are scheduled, managed and carried out by the specialist. 

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Consignment Information:


McKinney HorsePlex is an established equine boarding facility and does not directly offer horses for sale.  We do provide advertising for horses offered by our consignment specialists, boarders and/or trainers. Sales, consignment or lease agreements and terms are between the purchaser or leaser and legal owner of the animal.

Ethics Policy

McKinney HorsePlex has a zero tolerance policy for unethical sales and/or advertising. The facility has no legal liability over sales agreements, statements or terms however we only allow honest advertising. On site consignment specialists have no problem accepting even problematic horses however all descriptions must be considered to be accurate and true to the best of our knowledge. 


Consignment specialists terms include:

  1. Two month minimum boarding agreement $500/ month
  2. One time marketing fee $300 (Edited pictures, videos, postings etc.)
  3. 10% Seller commission

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