Our Story

How we became "Your Home Away From Home"

20 Years of Experience

The McKinney HorsePlex facility has been expanding since its build date over 20 years ago. From the very beginning, Cheryl Joseph has been the owner and operator of the business. Cheryl has over 48 years of extensive equestrian experience. She knows good horse care and truly enjoys sharing this beautiful home with her "horse family".

Cheryl doesn't do it alone. She knows the importance of a caring and knowledgeable team. We staff a team of experts to ensure all horses are provided with the best quality care. Our facility is conveniently located, features two gates, an extra long driveway, and the residence on site. Our boarders rest easy knowing their horses are always safe and secured!


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide an encouraging, team oriented environment without judgement or discrimination, for all riding disciplines. We believe that positive life experiences are everything. With all the stress, pressures and drama in the world today, we want to provide our boarders with their "second home" hence why we proudly stand by our slogan "Your Home Away From Home"!

Our Vision is to change our local equine community by setting a positive example and helping our boarders live healthier, happier lives. At least 1 out of every 3 boarders has suffered a negative experience with a boarding facility in the past. Whether that was due to mild bullying or a judgmental culture, it is too prevalent in our industry. We believe in equality and maintaining a judgement free, encouraging facility.


To name a few reasons...

All of our people, employees and otherwise, are treated equally and like family

Our culture is focused on working as one unit. Together we accomplish more!

Our team participates in all types of equine events and we share trailer spaces!

We grow our very own coastal hay on site! This allows us to always provide excellent quality hay in ample amounts

We even welcome other trainers; if you found a great trainer, we want you to keep them!

We encourage all riding disciplines and levels; casual riders to serious competitors

We love hosting tack sales, clinics & other events. We also schedule events of our own for all boarders & students

We keep our boarders updated and connected with a members online group. This is perfect for new greetings, ride schedules, sharing farm calls etc.

So Just Who Is McKinney HorsePlex?...

We will tell you!


What Our People Say

“We found McKinney HorsePlex during a search to find a place for our nine-year-old daughter to take lessons. After touring the facility, we knew this was the place for us. McKinney HorsePlex had a sense of home with a warm welcoming feeling. We began lessons and a few short months later our daughter was the proud owner of her very own horse. We of course boarded at the facility! We have never been disappointed with our decision and always pleased with the enjoyable environment along with the wonderful stable management along with owner, Cheryl. Unfortunately, we felt entangled to follow our trainer to another facility and left home. However, like most mistakes, we learn our lesson and find our way back home. So, after a long six months, we realized we needed to go back home. Upon contacting Cheryl, she welcomed us with opened arms, just as you hope family will. The Hughes family lived happily ever after.

McKinney Horseplex is an outstanding horse “community” with wonderful staff, ownership, and members! We are so glad to be home!”

The Hughes Family & Raleigh

“McKinney HorsePlex is my home away from home and where I know that the horses best interest is at the heart of everything we/they do. I am always so glad to be there, where so many different types of horses and disciplines are accepted and accommodated. I love that it is a family/friend oriented barn with folks that like to hang out and trail ride but also has the facilities to chase your show dreams. Awesome sunsets are free too!”


“I moved from New York to Virginia and finally to Texas and brought my then 16 year old Thoroughbred along with me. Since 2012, I’ve boarded my TB at McKinney HorsePlex and can’t imagine boarding anywhere else!

Through the watchful eye of Cheryl (owner) and Dale (barn manager), my now 24 year old TB has finally gotten through winters without losing weight (not an easy keeper!). As a matter of fact, whenever I tell someone his actual age, they can’t believe it because he looks great!

Last year, I purchased a 3 year old Trakehner mare that had not been started under saddle. Dale has been instrumental in her ground training. Roger Daly (trainer starting her under saddle) commented on a great job on ground work getting her ready to be ridden (thank you again Dale!).

The rest of the staff is super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Cheryl has a great big heart and Dale is a superb barn manager! Not to mention, I’ve got the best barn friends in over 16 years of owning my horse!”

Bonnie, Moe & Tiki

"My first experience with McKinney HorsePlex took place a few years ago, when I was visiting a friend who was a boarder. I immediately loved the openness and fantastic facilities. Once I moved into the area, I started visiting more frequently as a guest of a boarder. I was nervous about fitting in, especially as I did not own a horse at the time, but I was immediately made to feel comfortable with all of the other boarders, who were friendly and inviting.

I eventually started working weekend shifts at McKinney Horseplex. I was able to experience first-hand the hard work and expertise that goes into caring for the horses boarded there. I was really struck by how much the staff went out of their way to take care of each horse; each horse was treated as an individual, with care catered to their specific needs.

As a long time ride but first time buyer, McKinney HorsePlex played a huge role in my decision to purchase a horse. I knew that the only reason I even started to consider buying was because I knew that the HorsePlex would provide a safe and affordable home with a supportive atmosphere (and cmon, that indoor arena is to die for!). After finally purchasing my first horse, I was surprised with a champagne toast from the other boarders, given picture updates of my horse by the staff, and have just been so supported by the HorsePlex community. My new girl and I are loving life at McKinney HorsePlex and we are excited for the future!"

Jen & Pippa

“I’ve been very impressed with the family atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, cleanliness of the barn and most importantly the extra mile McKinney HorsePlex goes to insure my horse is well taken care of. I cannot say this about other places. I’m so grateful I found them and definitely refer others to board here as well. Go Team McKinney Horseplex!”

Philip & Vegas

“When I felt the need to change stables (again) I was very discouraged. I could not seem to find the right “fit” which provided quality care I could trust, a drama free environment and well, happy folks to ride with! A friend referred me to McKinney HorsePlex and after one visit, I knew this was my place.

I know & trust every employee, Cheryl treats everyone equally & is always happy to see me, Dale pays attention to every little detail and all boarders, regardless of their discipline, welcomed me into the “family". On my worst and most stressed days, McKinney HorsePlex is where I could to find my peace again!”

Misty & Balboa

“It is very hard to put into words how much our horses are “loved” by those in charge at Mckinney HorsePlex but it has been an amazing experience to have our horses so well taken care of and loved. Flexibility is key in taking care of horses as they will be 96% routine and 4% off the wall. Everyone at Mckinney HorsePlex has been wonderfully accommodating and interested in getting to know our horses as individuals.

My horses are the happiest as am I since we have been here in Texas coming from Virginia. Their care and horsemanship at Mckinney HorsePlex is very reminiscent of the care you can get at an East Coast facility only with exceptional Texas hospitality.”

Felicia & Katy Jo

“Royal and I have been blessed to call McKinney horsePlex home for two years now. I love how patient and flexible they are with him and with any horse there for that matter.

They are accepting of all riding disciplines, which has been very nice as that’s sometimes hard to find in this area. There are times I can’t make it out as much as I’d like, however there has never been a doubt in my mind that he hasn’t been provided with the best care!”

Zoey & Royal

We hope to hear from you soon!